The Latino Leader Award

This high school senior demonstrates the qualities of a leader in the making. In some area of your life: school, community, work, or church, you have shown initiative. You have an ability or talent that you are cultivating and sharing with others. You represent the Latino community in a positive light and are committed to the advancement of the Latino community.  Dreamers are welcomed to apply.


·       A 1-2 page essay on the topic – "The Power of Story". Tell us about your story and how you are planning for the next chapter.

·       Be sure to illustrate your potential, gifts, proven abilities and/or desire to be a leader. 

·       Your participation in The Latino Youth Leadership Conference.

·       Two recommendations.

·       Transcript – illustrates your ability to do college level work

·       Demonstrated Financial need

·       You may add some illustration of your gifts, skills or achievement; for example, if you are an artist, you might share your portfolio or if you ran a club or an event you might want to share your work plan. 

The Latino Scholar Award

Funded by the Robert Santana Scholarship Fund

This is a merit scholarship. This high school senior is a serious academic student who is college bound and has already been accepted into the college they are planning to attend. The student can demonstrate financial need and is a person of character who has shown dedication to the community through volunteer service.


·       In addition to the criteria listed above for The Latino Leader Award

·       Letter of acceptance from the college you will be attending

·       A copy of your college Financial aid package/letter

·       Minimum 3.0 GPA

·       Community service – A Letter from an organization confirming your volunteer service

·       Your participation in The Latino Youth Leadership Conference

How To Apply

Please fill out and return the application along with other documents required to María Kapadia on February 23, 2018 at the 2018 Latino Youth Leadership Conference or your contact person.

Scholarship Application 2018
Scholarship App 2018.pdf
Adobe Acrobat Document 278.0 KB

Recipients are expected to be active members and ambassadors for the Alliance for Latino Leadership