Who We Are:

In the past 20 years, the Hispanic demographic has more than doubled in our area as has for the whole country. Suburban towns were unprepared for the complex challenges and cultural differences this demographic shift would bring.   


The Alliance came together in 2012 to begin deep discussions around how to best support the growing Latino population in our area.  Many of us are Hispanic, all of us are involved in various aspects of the community; education, health and wellness, and spirituality. We have been working to support the wellness and advancement of this community. It is our strong belief that when you strengthen the Latino community, you strengthen the community as a whole.   


Our Latino community is actually composed of many nationalities, many cultures with people coming to the United States from over 28 Latin American countries, Spain and the commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Some Hispanics have been in this country for decades. Many of us are children of parents who came from Latin America and Spain to pursue the American dream. In reality, our Hispanic roots date back to Columbus’ arrival in America. There is no clear path to immigration and citizenship. This became even more difficult for those who arrived after 1983 due changes in the process. The Alliance stands in solidarity with those who face the concerns and challenges of living in this country without legal status. The Alliance believes that fixing our broken immigration system is critical to the future of the country as well as to the health of the Latino community. 


We are deeply committed to the education and wellness of our growing community. The demographic shift is highest in people under the age of 18. The Alliance believes that education is fundamental to strengthening the future. To that end, our first endeavor is our upcoming Latino Leadership Youth Conference. College bound seniors attending this conference will be eligible to apply for our two Alliance scholarships.